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Hosting encourages shrewd individuals to spare a ton by furnishing incredibly modest web facilitating with extreme quality, premium web facilitating highlights and fanatically committed live visit support. Regardless of where you are on your web building venture, you have to realize that it’s conceivable to spare brilliant today! Here are just few of the numerous highlights that make Hosting a pioneer of moderate, premium and economical web facilitating.


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We update WordPress core and plugins to keep your site protected.

Daily Backups

We keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your WordPress site.

Server Level Protection

If a major vulnerability appears, we develop & apply server-level fixes.

Account Isolation

Your website will be safe even if there are vulnerable accounts.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Create as many email addresses, and email forwards as you need!

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

Optimized Software

All software we install on our machines is optimized for speed.

CloudFlare Integration

Cache content and filter malicious traffic before it hits your server.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 30 days

Why Choose Business Hosting?

Your site is fundamentally an accumulation of documents and (much of the time) database that are served up to your guests as they peruse around it. Hosting will dispense space for you to store your site and database

Built to Last

Higher Traffic and Data Demanding Optimizations

Understand Visitor Expectations.

57 percent of users will leave a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

Overhaul Hosting

The best host for your site is one with the ability to handle the highest number of visitors you expect to receive and still deliver superior uptime.

Streamline Site Design.

Use an image optimizer when uploading media.

Admin Control

Better Stats. More Control

Together, we should manufacture you a superior site. Our in-house specialists are simply part of the reason outsource2pak is the perfect home for your hosting site. We’re here to enable you to succeed!

Maximum Perfomance

Software & Programming


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.com $8.99/yr

.net $8.99/yr

.org $8.99/yr

.gov $8.99/yr

.store $8.99/yr

.info $8.99/yr

.xyz $8.99/yr

.co $8.99/yr

.biz $8.99/yr

.us $8.99/yr

.world $8.99/yr

.live $8.99/yr

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At Hostinger you pay the lowest price for the highest quality. Loved by over 29,000,000 clients, Hostinger is one of the leaders in hosting industry with the perfect balance between quality and the price of website hosting.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Save smart & keep your budget tight. Go with the unique high-quality web hosting, provided by the leaders of the industry at the lowest cost.And we are providing you the 30 days money back Guarantee

30 Days of Free Hosting

We do not claim to be the cheapest but, QUALITY does not come cheap..


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