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Meredith Davis

Project Details

Client : Meredith Davis

Date : February 18, 2022.

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Trade : Dr. Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual

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Project Information

Meredith is the founder of Quantum Shift Healing and Breathwork, based in Sedona, Arizona. She is an ordained Shamanic Minister with a Doctorate of Ministry in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies. She has a long history of healing both herself and others, and has been on a powerful path of awakening for many years. Through her life long spiritual path and fearless dedication to awakening to her true divine nature, she has become a clear channel for the transmission of healing and awakening to all with whom she works.

Work Plan

We have a dedicated team of website designers and developers who are committed to creating visually stunning websites that are easy to navigate and user-friendly. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we take the time to get to know our clients and their specific needs before creating a custom theme that perfectly suits their brand and goals. Our work plan for designing and developing this website includes the following steps:

Research and Analysis

Design and Wireframing


Content Creation

Testing and Quality Assurance

Final Review and Launch

Features are covered

The website for Sedona Healing Services is a clean and modern design that effectively showcases the services offered by the company. The homepage features a full-width hero image with a call-to-action button that invites users to learn more about the services. The navigation menu is simple and easy to use, making it easy for users to find the information they need. The use of white space, large typography and minimal design elements make the site easy to read and navigate.

The design process for this website began with a thorough understanding of Sedona Healing Services’ business and target audience. We worked closely with the client to create a design that reflects the company’s brand and appeals to their target market. We used a color palette of soothing blues and greens that aligns with the company’s focus on healing and wellness. We also incorporated elements of nature, such as imagery of the Sedona landscape and natural stone textures to create an organic and grounding aesthetic.

The development process involved the implementation of a responsive design to ensure that the site looks great on any device. We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the website and ensure that it was optimized for search engines. Features such as easy navigation, clear calls to action, and well-organized content were integrated to improve user experience.

Overall, the design and development of Sedona Healing Services’ website is a great example of how a visually attractive and user-friendly website can be an effective tool for promoting a business and its services. This website can be a great addition to your portfolio as it demonstrates your ability to create a website that effectively communicates a brand’s message and appeals to its target audience.

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